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Wedding Planner Bordeaux – Wedding Planner in new Aquitaine

The organization of your wedding in Bordeaux

Photo de mariage - Wedding Planner à Bordeaux

Wedding planner Bordeaux our agency has organized bespoke destination weddings for a few years.

Specializing in different regions such as Bordeaux in Gironde, Paris, La Provence or Corsica, we can also organize weddings in the beautiful city of Marrakech.

Our clients’ satisfaction stems from our know-how, our knowledge of the regions and the local service providers we work with.

When you choose Mélissa Wilpotte for the organization of your bespoke wedding, you will feel empowered as your dream day approaches and enjoy a collaborative, detail-oriented bespoke wedding planning process that takes the stress off your shoulders.

Our wedding planner agency in Bordeaux loves beautiful things. We like to take care of the scenography, the atmosphere and the style of the wedding thanks to qualified service providers who match our values and commitments. As we organize your D-Day, we will work together to create a refined bespoke wedding design that is personal and unique to you.

Photo de mariage - Wedding Planner à Bordeaux

Our wedding planner agency in Bordeaux

Since 2017, Mélissa Wilpotte agency has used its skills, experience and know-how in the organization of your wedding in different regions of France. The agency also works abroad, in the sector of Marrakech.   

We combine the knowledge of the chosen region with the majestic aspects of our French heritage. A real testimony of sophistication is implemented throughout the time spent together working on your dream day.

Photo de mariage - Wedding Planner à Bordeaux

Our different destinations

Our Bordeaux wedding planner agency can also organize your wedding anywhere in France. Do you wish to celebrate your D-day in one of the most beautiful palaces of the capital, such as the Ritz, the Shangri-la, the Plaza Athénée or the Meurice? Enjoy incredible views of the Eiffel Tower? Details in the moldings of sumptuous decorations?

Or perhaps you prefer a ceremony in Provence and its lavender fields? Its Mediterranean atmosphere and its reception venues in Mas or Bastides? Why not enjoy luxurious castles such as the Villa Ephrussi de Rostchild?

What about Corsica, where we can already imagine its landscapes by the sea and its steep facades for beautiful memories? Corsican songs and colorful landscapes will make your wedding an unforgettable and unique moment for you and your guests. 

You will be in safe hands as we work together to create a bespoke wedding design that is personal and unique to you. With our passion for beautiful events, creativity and organization; we will ensure no detail is overlooked and you will have a special day that tells your story.

A wedding abroad

We can also organize weddings in the beautiful red city of Marrakech. We have a deep knowledge of the area. We offer establishments with a breathtaking view of the atlas, a Moroccan gastronomy with specialities elaborated by quality chefs, which are only a few steps away from the medina…We guarantee a bespoke wedding enlightened by the Arabian Nights.

Wedding planner in Bordeaux

Whether you want to organize your wedding in France or abroad, our wedding planner agency in Bordeaux can organize the wedding of your dreams. Trust us to relieve you of all the constraints of organization. Whether you’re seeking support from the very beginning of your planning journey, or you’re looking for a trusted partner to step in towards the final stages, and coordinate a seamless and stylish day, we are here to provide tailored support to you.


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