« Bohemian Folk » – November 6th 2017

I had been shaping the project in my mind for a while, the location had also been chosen for many different reasons. Then, one day, I decided to take the plunge and I contacted the team which was about to launch into this adventure with me.

I really wanted to organise this photo shoot, and what could have been a better place to do so than the Pape Clément Castle?
I come from the town of Pessac and I have always dreamed of organising a wedding there, so the choice of my first photo shoot was obvious. The Pape Clément Castle is overflowing with natural and architectural wealth.

All the girls and I had discussed the project so we wrote mood boards matching our wishes. As for the decoration and staging, we were quickly attracted by the black-trimmed glass wall which shed a cold and intense light on the table elements.

However, there’s nothing better than the domain surroundings to highlight that winter atmosphere during the ceremony and the photographed moments which are so precious to our couple.

Today, we are introducing a photo shoot inspired by the “bohemian folk” trend.
These pictures will transport you. We all love beautiful things, our jobs are our passions, and we are thirsty for learning, that’s why this photo shoot is the best way to introduce ourselves and show you what we are made of.

The magic of the cold is simply wonderful when people gather around a fire. So, it is impossible not to savour the superb ceremony we arranged with our couple. The words chosen by the celebrant, the brazier ritual and all the details filled that vegetable garden with an emotional heatwave and very strong feelings between our two lovers.

The fears which were thrown into the brazier were really those the couple had written down and exposed. This was very moving and inspiring.

The newlyweds really participated in the game, that’s why the photos are so sumptuous. Looking at it, one can immediately see and feel the atmosphere we were looking for.

There were different lights, some were cold, others symbolized love and union. The choice of the various locations had been meticulously studied by both the photographer and the video maker, in order to capture the right angles of light according to the chosen theme. An art handled with care.

We opted for wood, black, white and green colours to refer to the quirky winter touch. All the decoration elements were highlighted by the superb flower arrangements which mixed greenery, whiteness and winter cold together. The superposition of plates and logs made the table bigger.

The chocolate bar part adds a real winter touch to the decoration, for we all know winter goes with hot chocolate. Nothing was left to chance. We like all these materials and colours, as well as the staging, everything perfectly matched the world we offered the couple.

To get such a rendering, I was helped by a team of very professional and motivated service providers, who worked for a single objective. We were from the region, a few miles away from one another only (Yes, there were only girls in the team), and the aim was to create a sense for network and sharing which is very important in our field.

That was a priority. We got on really well, exchanging and learning in a warm atmosphere, although it was very cold outside that day. But it was better that way, for we got to the heart of the photo shoot !

So, if you’re looking for the same vibrations for your wedding, contact me, the agency “Du rêve à la réalité” will know how to turn your moment into THE magic moment.

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