Where should you get married?

des mariés sortent de leur salle de réception et se tiennent la main

Where should you get married?

Your lover has asked you to marry him/her? Or perhaps you have finally decided to get married after all these years spent side by side? That’s great news! But… you have no idea where to do it. You have lots of ideas in mind, but unfortunately, they are all mixed together, so let’s sort them out!

I have been a wedding planner in Bordeaux for a few years, so I can help you look for the location which will enable you to consider all the criteria needed.

The different reception locations

First, you need to chose the landscape which attracts you the most. Indeed, there are various locations in our region, such as castles in the heart of vineyards, villas by the sea with private beaches, typical Arcachon Bay’s houses… You can even find a vineyard, a castle, a greenhouse and wine storehouses in some locations which welcome non-religious ceremonies or meals. There are also reception locations with modern buildings and big glassed spaces, visible steel poles… A whole range of possibilities which make the Bordeaux region a perfect place to get married. Not to mention the sunny weather we have for most of the season (unfortunately, sometimes, the weather isn’t on our side). The reception locations offer gardens for cocktail parties and non-religious ceremonies. I can also mention the Bay’s beaches, on which we are allowed to celebrate weddings.

I could draw you an entire list of other wonderful locations, but the best are secretly kept to surprise you!

So, what’s your choice?

Now that you know there are so many possibilities in Bordeaux and the surroundings, you may be very confused! But actually, lucky you! As I said at the beginning of the article, it’s essential to sort all this information out. Take some time to think about what you like. List all the locations which would be a dream come true: countryside, beach, town…? And of course, for further advice and support, contact me; I’ll know how to be a real asset for you!

Photo : Sandra Hygonnenc