What type of ceremony should you choose ?

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A type of ceremony for each couple

What’s yours? When you decide to get married, you start imagining the kind of ceremony you would like to have, but some dilemmas come up. So, I will try to enlighten you about it with the following article.

Civil ceremony

In France, a couple can’t officially be married without a civil ceremony. Indeed, going to the town hall is an obligation no one can contravene. For some couples, this step is nothing but papers and signatures, nothing pleasant. But for others, getting married at the town hall is one of the most important parts of their wedding.

In any case, this civil ceremony prevails over the others to follow.

Religious ceremony

For many couples, wedding is a synonym for church. Indeed, walking the aisle in a beautiful dress holding your daddy’s arm, is an everlasting myth. The religious ceremony chosen by the future bride and groom is important and well-prepared. The couple not only meets the priest and married couples who share their wedding experience, but also other future brides and grooms who are planning a church wedding. But I also have to present another option here, which is very fashionable nowadays: the non-religious ceremony.

Non-religious ceremony

This last type of ceremony comes from the Anglo-Saxon countries and the United States. Couples particularly like getting married on the beach, their feet in the water, in the heart of a wooded park, or in the mountains… The non-religious ceremony is perfect for a bride and a groom with different confessions who cannot get married in church, but also for divorced couples who want to marry again with a new partner, or else for gay couples… The non-religious ceremony offers a remarkable choice of decoration, which make it possible to personalize your wedding even more. A non-religious ceremony celebrant is here to help you put everything into place with speeches, rituals, songs…

What looks like you the most ?

Each wedding is unique and so is each one of the bride’s and groom’s desires. That’s why you’ll always find the ceremony which suits you the best, depending on your convictions and wishes, and you can add them up.

To conclude this article, I want to mention the elopement ceremony, which is getting more and more popular in the world of marriage. But we’ll talk about it in depth later, in another article. As far as the non-religious ceremony is concerned, feel free to contact me to organise it, I’ll create a tailored ceremony just for you.