Interview of a wedding photographer

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Having been a wedding Planner in Bordeaux for a few years, I have always had the heart to support the bride and groom in organizing preparations for their wedding or their secular ceremony. Placing emotion and sensitivity as core values in my work, I chose their providers with the utmost care. A wedding symbolizes a unique union between two beings; I want to offer the best so that their wedding day fully reflects their perception of happiness and the fraternal bond that unites their families.

Today, let me take you through the interview of a wedding photographer I often collaborate with, and who was kind enough to tell us more about his work.

Interview of a wedding photographer: choosing the artist

What is your first contact with the bride and groom?

When they contact me, I usually explain to my future bride and groom the importance of the choice of the photographer who will cover their wedding.

I’ve repeated this so often but it is essential that they are aware of it, to the extent that pictures will be the only memories that remain of your marriage and that you will be able to share for the many years to come!

It is also necessary to measure that, together with the wedding planner, the photographer will be the person who will be closer to you on the D day. Indeed, these two people will enter in your intimacy and will accompany you from tears to smiles, so you must be able to trust them entirely.

Fine Art Film Photographer

What is your artistic universe?

Each photographer has his own artistic universe. If you’re in doubt regarding who to chose, do not hesitate to seek advice from your wedding planner, it is also his/her role to guide you in this choice and to help you define the style that will suit you the most.

I personally offer to my married couples Fine Art film reports based on emotion. Emotion and nature are the threads of my reports. I have a mainly journalistic approach (I was previously a radio journalist). I also consider myself, and above all, as an artistic director because I want to offer my bride and groom images of timeless elegance. I therefore also take more artistic images, with a more editorial sensitivity to bring to my reports a modern touch.

I finally devote a lot of time to the details by stylizing them with accessories that I bring during the preparations, which will sublimate your stationery, your jewelry and all the objects that are important to you, in a very unique way.

Finally, to get this extremely bright, soft and pastel, I work exclusively in natural light and I shoot mostly against the light.

Photographer of the exceptional

I made the choice of filming because its rendering is incomparable and exceptional, just like your D day. Because I cover a limited number of weddings each year, I seek to document the union of couples, which, like me, are sensitive to images, beauty and elegance. Working in film makes me even more demanding on my way of understanding the scenery, the light and I want to bring my expertise to married couples who are fully aware of the role of the photographer.

More than the grain and depth inherent to the film, it is the whole philosophy around the argentic photography in which I find myself. Each photo has a real value and has sides that are both unique and timeless. That is what makes it so deep. In film, each image is thought with the heart and nothing is left to luck, only meanings.

This philosophy … This is also the reason why all my collections offer a linen album and prints on Fujifilm paper plus, of course, in addition to a USB key and secure galleries. It is inconceivable for me that my brides look only at their wedding photos on a computer. I wish that they take a real place in their home and that they are seen, shared, commented every day if they wish it; and this is my best reward.


The work of photographer Véronique CHESNEL is today rare and exceptional because of its added value – the argentic photography – and also her technician eye on the light makes her a truly fine art artist. It’s a goldsmith work that Véronique CHESNEL delivers to newlyweds and their families. It’s an honor for me to count this artist among my partners. I really wanted to introduce her in this interview and I hope her work touches you as much as it has touched me.