A boho cool ceremony

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Boho cool is the term I chose for the theme, which perfectly matches these newly weds! Everything in this fabulous day was done so that the newlyweds and their families would feel cheerful and relaxed, united in a good mood under the bright sun!

As the officer of the engagement ceremony for Mathilde and Willy in the department of Charente at the end of August 2019, I will take you on a journey through their unique and inspiring universe, a mix between the bohemian and hippie style, inspired by their very own history and relationship. 

Secular boho cool ceremony: an atypical atmosphere for unique grooms

It is in the wooded grounds of the Grenier des Saveurs in Berneuil that the layman boho cool of Mathilde and Willy took place. Bales of straw were placed in front of the flowery arch of the ceremony to comfortably seat the guests. The natural and floral wooden arch that patiently waited for the bride and groom was decorated by the floral decoration workshop Herbes Fauves.

Looking at the pictures of the wedding, you will quickly understand the kind of characters they are! The bride’s witnesses dressed in colorful long dresses with pretty floral crowns settled quietly in the front row. They were followed by the witnesses of the groom, the men, wearing Bobo cool surfer shorts and trendy skate caps, sunglasses and sneakers. This casual look was spiced up with chic and elegant shirts with a twig of flowers hanging from their pockets. 

The tone is set ! The guests are now ready to warmly greet Mathilde and Willy in the country lane leading to their homemade ark.

Mathilde is not a traditional bride with a so-called “classic” wedding dress. No, Mathilde is wearing a dress that was revisited by her mother with colorful embroidery in a very bohemian style. It is a unique creation which is very sentimental. This moment made everyone understand that this family is more than welded and united.

Willy arrives. The groom makes a remarkable and noticeable entry that is defined by his specific style, which is definitely not in the codes of a wedding ceremony as we usually see! White sneakers, camel shorts, white shirt and bow tie, unveiled tattoo on the forearm, cap upside down that lets out her hair on the side, studded belt, and Escobar mustache! 

The two lovers are also parents of two adorable children, crisp blonde hair and a cool style just like daddy and mommy! Mademoiselle delivered a speech that moved her father to tears. It was a very touching moment, filled with cuteness.

Mathilde and Willy: trendy bride & groom

Mathilde and Willy are the kind of couple for whom having an open mind is completely natural. They are both great lovers of travelling and vast wilderness like the landscapes of the American West. As experienced travelers, they have gone on a van several times in order to be fully immersed in the foreign country or region they are discovering. 

A common idea made its way in their minds and after the birth of their first child, they created their own company of vans development. A strong story that makes sense for those who know Willy and Mathilde, to the extent that their company could only be theirs.

Providers of Mathilde and Willy’s secular ceremony

Here are the names of the provides who participated in the bride and groom’s secular ceremony:

Herbes Fauves: floral decoration, ark, bridal bouquet, twig of flowers for men.

Harleena Photography: Photo report of the secular ceremony and took the couples’ pictures.

Le Grenier des Saveurs, Berneuil, Charente: Ceremony location. 

Once again I was lucky enough to be the mistress of an exceptional and offbeat wedding. I’m happy to have met and worked hand in hand with Mathilde and Willy. Marrying the both of you was a wonderful experience, and that is all thanks to you! I wish to thank you and your loved ones once again for trusting me and including me as one of your own. I could not have imagined a more cheerful moment of happiness and I am delighted with the result and smiles exchanged on the D-Day. Your laughs the best evidence of satisfaction I could have hoped for. 

Long and beautiful road to all four,