A boho ceremony in Landes

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After organizing weddings in Gironde, I officiated this time in the neighboring Landes area, a little further south of New Aquitaine, for Julie and Fred’s secular ceremony. The bride and groom invited their guests to celebrate their wedding the last day of August in Benesse-Maremne, on the Landes coast. The weather was overcast and grey but it did not bother anyone because of the heat wave that had just taken over July! A bit of fresh air was more than welcome.

Organizing a secular ceremony at home, in your very own garden

Julie and Fred wanted to get married at home in their family cocoon surrounded by their loved ones. They invited a hundred people to their wedding, which perfectly fit my bride and groom’s location. As a lay ceremonial officer, I advised them before their marriage to prepare their consent and the witnesses’ speeches so that everything would be set on the D-day.

The newlyweds wanted a simple and natural secular ceremony that matched their image! I suggested using their outdoor space and installing a pergola with natural materials such as wood. They immediately approved!

Julie was thrilled to be able to free herself from her high-heeled shoes. She introduced her garden to her family and friends barefooted! Because her relatives lover her and know her for the person she is, it was not a problem for anyone. A young blooming woman who lives life to the fullest. For his part, Fred shed classic groom shoes for a pair of trendy sneakers that added a casual look to the ceremony.

It is truly an advantage to have your own garden and organize your own wedding ceremony! It is a very personal and deeply sentimental approach because their house will carry the memories, the smiles, the tears of joy, the expressions and the exchanges of each of the guests present that day. Such a magical and unique moment!

The texts of the secular ceremony of Fred and Julie

As a certified ceremonial officer, I prepared the relatives’ speeches with the help of Fred and Julie. It was in a romantic atmosphere filled with emotions that each member wishing to pay homage to their beautiful love story pronounced the texts.

At the end of the secular ceremony, the greetings of the bride and groom took place solemnly by attaching ribbons around their hands and wrists to symbolize their union and the unbreakable bond that unites Julie and Fred.

The idea of a simple, friendly and homemade wedding

For a married couple that love authenticity, friendship and for whom ties of blood are very important, it made perfect sense to respect the thread of their marriage from A to Z. Fred’s mother prepared a delicious homemade meal. As a home-based caterer, she was delighted to take care of her daughter-in-law and her son-in-law’s menu. The guests all feasted under the marquee where they installed the wedding reception and warmly congratulated the chef!

Julie and Fred love the simple things in life that do not look spectacular, but in the end are so much more. Their marriage is another step in their life as a couple, but it was important for them to respect their desire for simplicity and happiness in the family and at home. 


If you identify with Julie and Fred and imagine your future wedding at home because you treasure your family and friendly intimacy, do not hesitate to entrust your wedding organization or your secular ceremony to a wedding planner. I will be happy to help you organize the best day of your life!